Petrol prices still high – here’s how to find the cheapest

If you were driving through Sydney’s suburbs overnight, you may have noticed the huge difference in fuel prices.

From 148.0 for “unleaded e10” in Five Dock, to 113.9 in Croydon Park.

“In the north shore, I would never fill up there,” one motorist told Nine News. “I come out west and I try to fill up because it’s a lot cheaper.”

3 ways to save:

After Christmas, fuel prices were expected to fall, and while they did go down a little, they didn’t stay down for long.

In fact, during the last two price cycles the “low” point – when fuel is the cheapest – lasted less than 24 hours.

In contrast, hen prices in Adelaide dropped, they stayed down for almost a week.

Peter Khoury from the NRMA said “Adelaide is consistently cheaper especially over Christmas and New Year. Adelaide average prices went to $1.21, 8 cents a litre cheaper than we did.”

Today, “Tanwar petroleum” in Lewisham had one of the cheapest prices for regular unleaded at $1.25 per litre.

The most expensive we found was $1.51 a litre at BP in Botany. That’s a difference of 26 cents.

The chart above shows the daily average E10 petrol prices in Sydney over the past 45 days.

According to the ACCC, Sydney is currently the only capital city in the country at the peak of its price cycle. Its advice for motorists is to avoid filling up for now.

The problem is Sydney’s price cycle is unpredictable, at best, and there’s no way to know for sure when it will start to go down.