Free apps that help you find the cheapest petrol

Petrol prices are constantly fluctuating, but these apps will help you decide where to buy, and when.

We’ve already seen some big variation in petrol prices in 2018 — even within individual cities and states. In January, consumers in Sydney saw up to 30c difference in price points per litre between bowsers, while over in Brisbane fuel prices peaked at $1.50 towards the end of the month, rising 20c in just one week.

In truth, the price of petrol often vary by as much as 20c a litre between petrol stations, and it’s often said that it “rises like a rocket and drops like a feather”.

So filling up at the right petrol station at the right time can save you big money over the course of a year.

But how can you sniff out the cheapest petrol without driving long distances checking the signs? Thanks to technology, you can now use price comparison websites or apps to save time and money.

Here are the major ones so far (with new updates coming almost every month) and their Pros and Cons. (By the way, they’re all FREE.)

Motormouth app

Best for: outside NSW & NT

Where to get it: App Store, Google Play.

PRO: The most comprehensive national app for petrol prices. Claims to report prices for around 4,500 Australian service stations each day

PRO: Covers both metro and regional areas

PRO: Shows graphs of the price cycle, suggesting the best days to fill up.

CON: You have to click on a station to see the price: doesn’t automatically display them.

CON: Mainly focuses on unleaded, diesel, e10 fuel

CON: Only updated twice daily outside NSW & NT


FuelCheck & MyFuel NT apps (NSW & NT only)

Best for: NSW & NT

Where to get them: App Store, Google Play.

PRO: Offers the choice of 11 different fuel types across all brands, because the state/territory government makes all petrol stations contribute prices.

PRO: Provides up to the minute information and data as well as fuel price history.

PRO: Predicts price trends and suggests the best days to fill up.

CON: Only offered in NSW and NT at present.

ACCC website

Best for: People who don’t use apps

Where to get it: Click this link

PRO: Tells you whether you should fill up now, or wait for prices to drop.

CON: It’s a website so it’s not as simple as checking an app on your phone.

CON: Only updates 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – and recent updates have not occurred so watch this space.

CON: Does not cover regional areas. Capital cities only.

CON: Only shows one fuel type per city.



PetrolSpy, GasBuddy apps

Best for: Drivers who are prepared to enter fuel prices in exchange for vouchers, cash draws.

mynrma app

Best for: NRMA members in NSW