Top apps to download before next hitting the bowser

Plus, more tips and tricks for saving money on petrol

It’s no secret that the cost of petrol in Australia is high. On average, we’ve seen prices at the pump rise from 120.1cents per litre in July 2017, to 149.8cents per litre at on July 1 in 2018. And while the prices often peak and trough in cycles (particularly in cities) — there’s no denying that we’re paying more and more to fuel our vehicles.

In June, the Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACC) that  petrol prices were at a four-year high for some Australian motorists

“Consumers have recently been paying around $1.60 [per litre] for petrol,” said ACCC chairman Rod Sims told the ABC. “These prices are higher than any time since mid-2014 in some cities.”

So what can you do to save money on petrol, when the cost is slowly increasing? We’ve pulled together some of the best tips out there to avoid overspending at the pump.

First up, some of the apps that can help you save, as seen on The Today Show: 

    With a database of more than 140,000 service stations and convenience stores, this app will be able to provide quite a few options to fill up. Along with seeing the details of all these stations, you can see real time fuel price information and locations, as well as reviews and ratings from users. If you’ve got the time before you head off and fill up, this is a handy app to have.
  2. 7/11
    This app has a different approach to saving you money by giving you the option to search all 7-Eleven Fuel Stores in your area and find the best price at any time. If you’re using this app you will then need to register and load up a 7-Eleven card with some money so you can then lock in a fuel at a particular price.
    As the name suggests, this app gives you a map of all petrol stations across the country and is edited by users to keep information as up to date as possible. Also, the app gives you an option to keep a fuel log to track fuel prices and the car’s fuel economy!
    Like Fuel Map, this one is updated by users with changes to prices, so information is there as soon as changes to prices happen. It’s complete free to download AND you get the chance to go into a draw to win a $25 fuel card every day.
  5. BP ME
    If you’re using this app, you don’t even have to step out of your car to pay for your fuel. It’s simple – open up the app, select the type of fuel you will be filling up with and pre-pay. Once that’s sorted, fill up at a BP bowser and you’ll be on your way.

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PLUS, A few more tips from 9Saver… 

 FuelCheck & MyFuel NT apps (NSW & NT only)

Best for: NSW & NT

Where to get them: App Store, Google Play.

  • PRO: Offers the choice of 11 different fuel types across all brands, because the state/territory government makes all petrol stations contribute prices.
  • PRO: Provides up to the minute information and data as well as fuel price history.
  • PRO: Predicts price trends and suggests the best days to fill up.
  • CON: Only offered in NSW and NT at present.

ACCC website

Best for: People who don’t use apps

Where to get it: Click this link

  • PRO: Tells you whether you should fill up now, or wait for prices to drop.
  • CON: It’s a website so it’s not as simple as checking an app on your phone.
  • CON: Only updates 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • CON: Does not cover regional areas. Capital cities only.
  • CON: Only shows one fuel type per city.

Motormouth app

Best for: outside NSW & NT

Where to get it: App Store, Google Play.

  • PRO: The most comprehensive national app for petrol prices. Claims to report prices for around 4,500 Australian service stations each day
  • PRO: Covers both metro and regional areas
  • PRO: Shows graphs of the price cycle, suggesting the best days to fill up.
  • CON: You have to click on a station to see the price: doesn’t automatically display them.
  • CON: Mainly focuses on unleaded, diesel, e10 fuel
  • CON: Only updated twice daily outside NSW & NT
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