How electric cars are becoming cheaper and easier than ever

Queensland is seeing the arrival of cheaper electric cars, cheaper conversion from petrol models and more charging stations

Electric cars were eye wateringly expensive, taking forever to charge with charging stations few and far between. But the next generation of electric vehicles are coming this year with more affordable models that could slash your car running costs by a third.

At his workshop, Graeme Manietta from Oz DYI Electric Vehicles is at the forefront of the electric car revolution. Inundated with customers wanting to convert their older and classic petrol cars.

“You pull the petrol components out and put the electric components in then you’ve got yourself a classic that will last forever,” Manietta said.

And with conversion costs starting from around $12,000, it’s much cheaper than buying a brand new electric car. But that’s rapidly changing.

“This is a watershed moment for electric vehicles coming out from the manufacturers,” Manietta said.

The next generation of electric cars is on its way — the Hyundai IONIQ will be here by the end of the year and it will be priced from around $40,000. And Nissan’s Leaf is due early next year

The range has dramatically increased — up to 480 kilometres for a family SUV, and running costs are dramatically reduced.

“(They are) much cheaper to run about 30% off the fuel cost,” Leo Kerr from told Nine News.

In 2016 there were still big gaps between charging stations, but fast forward two years there’s now an electric highway around the country.

You can now drive all the way from Coolangatta to Cairns — with the Queensland government’s network of charging stations.

The process of charging an electric car is the same as a petrol one, except you take a charger, plug it in, and wait for the car to charge.

Fast chargers can slash charging times to as little as 10 minutes, but most drivers charge overnight at home.

“I think you should hang out for a while and test drive some of these new models as they arrive in Australia — I think people are going to be super impressed with them,” Kerr said.

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