Where to find the most competitive petrol prices in Sydney

The surprising price difference between bowsers reported by Nine News, as well as how you can avoid being stung

One of the greatest frustrations of motorists is petrol prices that move for apparently no reason. As Australians, we experience more ups and downs in our petrol prices than any other country in the world.

“Not only do we have this volatile cycle, but we’re also the only country on Earth that has it,” Peter Khoury from the National Roads and Motorists’ Association told Nine News.

Some of the most competitive petrol markets across Sydney include the Hume Highway at Yagoona and Bass Hill, as well as Canterbury Road at Punchbowl, the Horsley Drive at Fairfield, the Great Western Highway at St Mary’s, and Richmond Road at Blacktown.

One area worth paying special attention to is Parramatta Road between Five Dock and Homebush. Around here, there are 14 service stations in six kilometres.

The volatility was shown yesterday as Nine News reporter Ross Greenwood stood on that exact strip. Two Caltex service stations within two hundred metres had a price disparity of 25c per litre despite a strong likelihood that the petrol they are selling comes from the same source. While Nine News was present, they reported a Caltex employee emerging from the petrol station, and noticing his station was being filmed. The employee then made a phone call, and within a minute the cheaper Caltex price reportedly jumped up 25 cents from 133.3c to 157.9c.

Woolworths told Nine News it has a “centralised pricing team, which sets all our fuel prices across Australia,” and that the “price change was caused by our centralised team.”

Some consumers told Nine News the price of petrol should be more regular and uniform, others said they would go out of their way for a 20-cent price difference per litre.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said their NSW FuelCheck app will assist consumers.

“Use our app to get a better deal… that’s why we created it. To stop this frustration,” he said.

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