How to request an NBN upgrade and save up to $120

Many Australian are unaware they are eligible for an NBN upgrade, with some households on standard (25Mbps) plans missing out on saving an average of $120 a year according to*

Today’s Tech expert Trevor Long explains how to make sure you are on the best plan to suit your needs and how to request an upgrade.

3 ways to save on NBN:

TODAY: First up, how do you know you’re eligible for the NBN?

TREVOR: If the NBN is available to your home you should have received a heap of letters from the NBN and telcos. If you aren’t opening them, you’re missing out! If you’re unsure go to the NBN website and enter your exact address to get all the details.

TODAY: How do you know who to go with?

TREVOR: There are over 100 telcos battling for your business and while the big guys just want to keep you on their books and sign people up quickly, there are plenty of smaller players like Aussie Broadband* and MyRepublic* offering great service, speed and pricing. Even Vodafone* recently announced they are slashing their prices to hit an ultra competitive price-based market, making them almost the cheapest on the market.

TODAY: Why are savings up for grabs now?

TREVOR: At the end of last year the NBN changed its wholesale pricing. What that did was essentially make the 50 speed plan the same price as the 25. That means people who are on the slower 25 plan should be able to upgrade to 50 for no extra cost.

Comparison site* reports most major NBN providers have announced cheaper prices for plans with speeds of 50 Mbps or more and some smaller players are planning to introduce a 50 Mbps product in coming months.

“We would strongly recommend that any NBN users currently on a 25 plan contact their provider to request a free upgrade to [a 50 Mbps speed], since 50 plans are now being sold at 25 prices. Some carriers are already offering this, but if you don’t ask you might not get it,” they said.

TODAY: If you want cheaper and faster broadband what should you say to your telco?

TREVOR: I recommend using this simple letter template if you’re on a Standard NBN 25Mbps plan:

Dear Internet Service Provider

Given NBN Co is now charging internet service providers the same for NBN 50 plans as it is for NBN 25 plans, I would like to request an upgrade to the higher speed.

If my internet service provider is paying the same for a higher-speed connection, then as an existing customer I should receive the same deal.

I would prefer not to enter a long-term contract because NBN pricing is likely to change again in April so I want to keep my options open.

Yours Sincerely,
Your name here

Account # your account number here

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