Your guide to the best smartphone deals available now

A comprehensive guide to smartphones from $99 to $1,000 — including the new Oppo R11s

When it comes to smartphones, Apple and Samsung are definitely the big players. But there’s a whole other world of smartphone brands out there offering value and features for just a fraction of the cost — and with the Oppo R11s garnering great reviews, there’s every reason to consider a smartphone over an iPhone.

It’s also worth considering that there are now smartphones for every budget, which means there’s no need to break the bank. This can be particularly helpful in the first few months of the year when personal finances may still be recovering from festive outgoings.

TODAY tech expert Trevor Long has taken a look at the huge range. Scroll down for his suggestions for the best deals on every budget:

3 ways to save on your smartphone

TODAY: Which smartphones can we get under $200?

TREVOR: Alcatel have phones as low as $99 – with the most popular being the huge 6 inch A3xl at $179 – great for teens who want the big screen but don’t have the budget (or can’t be trusted with a $1000 phone).

UNDER $200
Alcatel U5* $99
Alcatel A3* $149
Alcatel A3XL* $179

TODAY: How about smartphones available for under $400?

TREVOR: Try the Motorola G5S, the LG Q6 or the Huawei GR5.

UNDER $400
Motorola G5S* $349
LG Q6* $399
Huawei GR5* $399

TODAY: And what about between $500 and $700?

TREVOR: The most-talked performer in this category is the Chinese manufacturer Oppo. You can pay just $469 for an FC-Barcelona branded phone, and you can get the R11s, their latest phone, with all the bells and whistles and a pretty great screen, design and camera for $659.

UNDER $700
Oppo FC-Barca phone $469
Oppo R11s* $659
Motorola X4* $699
iPhone 6 $469

TODAY: Finally, what are the best buys on the market for under $1,000?

TREVOR: The Huawei MATE 10 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium – both under $900 – have cameras to rival the $1500+ phones from Samsung and Apple.

UP TO $1000
Huawei MATE 10* $888
Sony Xperia XZ Premium* $899
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