The best home internet deals available now

Tech expert Trevor Long reveals his pick of the best deals available now

Like mobile phones, home internet has become an everyday necessity. But with so many Wifi and broadband plans on offer, it can be hard to know which deal is best. Particularly now households are switching to NBN, there are even more options to choose from.

TODAY EXTRA chatted to tech expert Trevor Long, who has crunched the numbers and come up with the best deals for every household.

TODAY: First up, there are so many different phrases thrown around when talking about Wifi. What do they all mean?

The main ones you need to know are ADSL, which is a type of broadband internet connection, and NBN, which refers to the National Broadband Network.

TODAY: So what are the top options for ADSL?

TREVOR: Here are my picks. Take a look at these and compare:

Dodo – $29.90 – Unlimited Data*
TPG – $29.99 – 50GB Data*
Belong – $35 – 100GB*

TODAY: Now what about National Broadband Network? What can you recommend?

TREVOR: Unless you require super-high-speed NBN, I’d recommend the following plans. Click below and see which one is right for you:

TPG – $29.99 – 10GB Data*
iiNet – $39.99 – 150GB Data*
Amaysim – $40 – Unlimited Data*

TODAY: But there are also faster options in regard to NBN. What are the best offers here?

TREVOR: When it comes to faster plans, my top picks are:

TPG – $69.99 – Unlimited Data*
Vodafone – $70 – Unlimited Data*
MyRepublic – $69.99 – Unlimited Data*
Aussie Broadband – $85 – 1000GB*

TODAY: Finally Trev, how can people they ensure they’re getting the most out of their home internet?

My tips would be to make sure your house has up to date wiring. Old wiring can lead to bad wifi. On that note, it’s worth investing in a new wifi system. Also make sure you have enough data on your plan.

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