Cheapest pre-paid phone deals available now

The days of expensive monthly plans may be dwindling, as cheaper prepaid deals hit the market

With the cost of living already skyrocketing in recent years for many Australians, pre-paid deals are becoming more popular as many mobile phone customers move away from traditional phone plans.  

New budget offers are coming from some unlikely sources offering extra benefits if you sign up, and customers are already starting to switch.

Mobile phone customer Chris Klein has just changed from an expensive phone plan to prepaid.

I used to spend about $70 on a similar plan and now I’m saving about half that, so $35-$36,” Klein said.

Klein is with Moose Mobile, which is  just one of the budget players in the prepaid mobile market.

“The one that’s doing so well for us the $8 plan it’s probably the cheapest in the country at the moment and you get 200 minutes of calls and unlimited SMS,” said Dean Lwin from Moose Mobile. Plus, you’ll also get 500MB of data.

Harrison Astbury from Canstar Blue said that people are shifting from more expensive monthly plans.

“Customers are moving away from the traditional phone on a plan where they’re paying $70, $80, $90 a month,” Astbury said.

The proof is in what’s now on offer. And online retailer, Catch of the Day has just launched a range of prepaid, bulk buy deals. Their cheapest offer is $39 — where you’ll get 6GB of data to use over 90 days. That works out to 2 gigabytes a month for $13. Astbury added that this offer also gives customers unlimited calls and texts – a real price breakthrough in the market.

3 Cheap Pre-paid Deals Compared:


Kogan 365-day* Moose* Catch
$25/mth $8/mth $13/mth
Untl’d stnd calls 200mins Untl’d stnd calls
6GB data 500MB data 2GB data

The offer also comes with a one off bonus — $39 worth of shopping money to spend on the Catch Of The Day site.

“Catch of the Day is really trying to compete with Kogan in terms of all out value,” Astbury said.

And fellow online retailer Kogan has also launched their new bulk deal offer. If customers buy one of their 365 day prepaid vouchers, the will get another one for free.

Ross Metherell from Kogan pointed out that the deal is currently only being offered by them.

“It’s an unheard of deal in the market that’s not being offered by any body else right now,” Metherell said.

The cheapest voucher costs $299.90. which works out to 6GB every 30 days for just over $24.

With the free offer, it’s $12.33 a month per person.

Buying data in bulk is certainly becoming more attractive as customers don’t have to remember to top up thier pre-paid phone every month. However is important that customers are aware that some deals may put a cap on how much data you can use per month.

“Shop around you may be surprised by the deals you may be able to find,” Astbury said.

* In highlighting particular offers we are not making specific recommendations as this article does not cover all available products and may not compare all features relevant to you. Any advice provided is general in nature and does not take account of your needs, objectives or financial situation. Individuals should consider their own circumstances, and if in doubt seek appropriate advice, before proceeding.

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