Pre-paid phone plans for less than $10 a month

Tired of high monthly bills? These cheap plans can get you unlimited calls and texts for the cost of a few coffees.

Almost every Aussie owns a mobile phone, and most of us have smartphones which mean we’re paying additional monthly fees. But if you use your phone mainly for calls and texts, you might be interested to hear there are plans out there that cost less than $10 a month.

TODAY chatted to Tech expert Trevor Long about which deals might work for you.

TODAY: If most people are spending $50, $60, maybe even $100 or more, who are these $10 plans suited to?

LONG: The average aussie uses about 3 Gigabytes of data per month, but that also means there’s a stack of people who don’t need anything like that. So the $10 plans are good for those who use their phone very little but do like being connected, or parents who are trying to get their young teens started on independent communication.

TODAY: Is there a catch?

LONG: Really the only catch is the data limit — your teenager will need to be careful about SnapChatting and Instagramming too much!

TODAY: Tell us about some of the deals you’ve found

Here’s three great deals you probably haven’t heard of – but cracking great value…

TODAY: Some parents only give their young kids phones for emergency situations when they’re out with friends — and long expiry plans suit these cases?

TODAY: What should people know about switching telcos, because that’s a big challenge for many people?

LONG: Critically – you can take your number. If the account is in your name, that number is yours, it takes between 20 minutes and an hour to get you connected to a new telco but with your existing number, saving huge dollars every year!

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