Cheap phone deals now as low as $9 a month

Queensland’s cheapest no contract mobile phone deal hits the market today with sensible data users the big winners in this new cost-saving war

We’re all looking to save money on our bills – and the new mobile phone price battle is helping customers slash their bills.

Moose Mobile’s new $9 a month phone deal hits the market today — giving you 1GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts.

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“It’s incredible value and if you’re only using a gig of data why would you be paying anything more,” CEO of Moose Mobile Dean Lwin said.

The important thing about it though is there’s no lock in contracts so people can come and go as the leave.”

And while 1GB of data might not seem like much,  you can email, use social media and browse the internet with it.

“The 1 gigabyte deals are suited towards those lower users who perhaps don’t need to stream videos,” Harrison Astbury from Canstar Blue said.

Other cheap prepaid deals for customers with their own mobile phones include

Amaysim — with 1 gigabyte of data for $10 a month with unlimited calls and texts*

Yomojo’s — 1 gigabyte deal is $9.90 a month with unlimited texts and 200 minutes of standard calls.*

Canstar Blue says more customers are downgrading their data.

“People who perhaps would have used 5 gig 10 gig and who simply realise they don’t need that much data,” Astbury said.

Student Domenico Poutanen decided to reduce his data and use more free wifi options instead.

He’s saving $40 a month.

“Just having that much money is a great save,” Poutanen told Nine News.

However, it’s important to remember that if you are thinking about reducing your data to save money, make sure you don’t go over your limit — some plans will automatically top up your data, charging you an instant 10 dollars.

“To be smart shoppers they really need to be monitoring their data usage because costs can add up in the long run,” Poutanen said.


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