Kogan launches NBN packages

The online behemoth adds NBN to it’s telco offering — with NBN 50 launch promo for just $58.50 p/m

Already offering everything from televisions to furniture, fashion, laptops, toys, wine and beauty products — Kogan recently started offering pre-paid phone deals, and are now expanding further by adding NBN plans to their repertoire.

Currently offering three plans under Kogan Internet — bronze, silver and gold packages — priced between $58.90 and $88.90 – the plans cover NBN 12, NBN 50 and NBN 100 respectively. However, until June 30 there’s a special offer on the silver package – with the price reduced from $68.90 per month to $58.90.

Kogan nbn month-to-month plans
Bronze unlimited Uses NBN 12 Unlimited Data $58.90 p/m
Silver unlimited Uses NBN 50 Unlimited Data SPECIAL OFFER $58.90 p/m
Gold unlimited Uses NBN 100 Unlimited Data $88.90 p/m

Like Kogan Mobile, the Kogan Internet is a partnership with Vodafone, providing the latter’s nbn product in their own packages — worth noting when you are shopping around for nbn.

However a bonus of Kogan’s NBN packages are that if you sign up for Kogan Internet and are a Qantas Frequent Flyer Program Member — you’ll earn points for the dollars you spend on Kogan Internet. An additional incentive for any points chasers out there.

Kogan Internet is just one element of the ever expanding empire of Kogan.

In February this year, Founder and CEO Ruslan Kogan told The Australian Business Review that the Kogan.com business model was driven by data analytics.  

“We are going through a watershed period. There is a change in the trajectory of the business,” Kogan told the publication.

“We are an e-commerce company with a diverse portfolio of businesses which make decisions using data analytics and metrics. We are a statistics company masquerading as an e-commerce company.”

As well as internet and mobile, Kogan have diversifed their e-commerce offering with a porfolio of insurances — including car insurance, travel insurance, home and contents insurance.

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