The new Apple iPad Vs the best tablets from the rest!

Here’s how the latest Apple iPad stacks up against the rest of tablets out there.

Tablets are a great way to combine your work and communication all into one smart device that you can pretty much take anywhere.

With Apple about to drop their newest tablet on the smart tech market, it can be hard to know which one to buy with so many options out there.

TODAY chatted to Tech Expert Trevor Long to find out exactly how the newest Apple tablet will stack up against the rest of the products out there.

TODAY: Apple established the whole tablet market – so what do they have on offer at the moment?

LONG: In Chicago last month, Apple announced a new 6th generation iPad. It’s their entry level device at $469. While it looks almost identical to its predecessor, it has a faster performance, plus compatibility for the Apple Pencil, which Apple is really starting to put some effort behind in terms of promotion and use cases.

The Pencil is now a feature of the device at an educational level, which is where Apple is aiming this new device.  There are huge improvements in educational apps and tools for teachers and kids in the classroom. They’ve also then still got the more powerful and feature rich iPad Pro with larger 10.5 and 12.9 inch screens.

TODAY: But of course, they’ve got stiff competition from Samsung. How are Samsung’s tablets looking?

LONG: They may not have the same reputation as Apple or market share, but these devices are top notch.  From their more affordable entry level Tab A at under $300 right through to the premium Tab S3 they are a thin design, great power and also have a stylus compatibility for drawing on the screen. Samsung tablets run Android so there is a vast range of apps to use and choose from. They are a solid and viable alternative to the Apple devices.

TODAY: Now to Lenovo’s tablets?

LONG: These are much more affordable, and while not as powerful or screens that are as high resolution, they do everything that the vast majority of users want. In fact, for many they replace almost all the functions of the home computer. This includes reading and writing emails, accessing Facebook and browsing the web. The bottom line is, the more you spend, the more the device can do in terms of multiple tasks and higher resolution video viewing.

TODAY: Alcatel and Microsoft have some products with all the functions of a computer. Tell us about these?

LONG: In essence these are complete computer replacements.  Running Windows and coming with keyboard attachments you can do all your basic — and even advanced — computing tasks on these devices. Alcatel’s device is from Vodafone and comes on a monthly plan with mobile data, so you can be at work wherever you are. Microsoft’s Surface is a much more powerful device capable of almost anything, depending on how much you spend on it. 

TODAY: What’s your pick for any parents who are buying tablets for their kids who went back to school last week or are going back next week?

LONG: While it might seem cool to buy your kids the latest and greatest, what really matters is what will WORK at school, so do not buy anything without first asking the school what devices are accepted and will work in classrooms. For some classrooms, a laptop is required, and in other classed a tablet must be windows based, so the most important thing to do is check with the school. If I had free choice, it’s hard to go past the new iPad given it’s new capabilities and the reasonable price.

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