How to choose the internet speed that’s right for you

Why it’s worth your while to take a look at your Wi-Fi plan

If your current internet plan isn’t working for you, it may be time to review it and change it up to suit your needs.

Factors like data limits and internet speeds are major considerations that need to be made when deciding the right plan for you. So, it’s important to know exactly what to look for.

TODAY chatted to Tech Expert Trevor Long for his advice on picking your next plan.

TODAY: How can we know what speed we need at home?

LONG: Since the internet began until just the last year or two we never really discussed speed, we simply had the internet or we didn’t. But now we have the NBN — 50% of Aussies can get the NBN and that number grows fast. So we can choose our speed. For a single person not using the internet much the “basic” plans as they are known are fine — these offer 12 or 25 mbps speeds.

But if you’re a couple, and or you’re doing even a little bit of video watching online, from YouTube through to Stan or Netflix, you need to consider the mid-level speeds which are called NBN 50 — these offer up to 50mpbs speeds and you WILL notice the difference. The key here is, they are actually priced today the same price the slower speeds were just a few months ago. For those who really want to get cracking, or have a house full of people on devices, you really should get the NBN 100 plan.

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TODAY: Is it pricey to get the higher speeds?

LONG: As a rule of thumb, the slow, medium and fast speeds should come in around 60, 80 and 100 dollars. There are plenty of telcos to choose from, so have a look at what’s on offer — many will offer unlimited data for those amounts or even left.

TODAY: If you’re on a fast plan — why is the speed at home often not so great?

LONG: This is the most common problem I come across. People have fast speeds on their internet, but aren’t experiencing that at home, because what they’re measuring is their Wi-Fi. Your Wi-Fi network is NOT the same as your internet connection. Your Wi-Fi speed might be 20 while your internet speed is 100. The best solution here is to invest in a better Wi-Fi network. You connect a Netgear ORBI or Google Wi-Fi system to your existing modem — and its plug and play — you’ll get that 100 speed all over the house. It’s a dramatic and measurable improvement.

TODAY: What about the data – there are limits on many plans, what’s your advice to keep on top of that?

LONG: Firstly, if you are worried about data and use a lot — go unlimited. There are now unlimited plans on Vodafone, Kogan, Aussie Broadband, My Republic and Telstra — so really no excuse. If you do have a limit, then you should login to your telco website and check the usage regularly, particularly at the point any usage patterns change. There may be a system of alerts you can setup — my provider emails me when I’m close to my limit each month.

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