Telco Data War: Vodafone launches UNLIMITED mobile data plan

How you can make the most of the new battle between the telco brands!

Vodafone and Telstra have engaged in a Telco battle today, with Vodafone taking the first shot and Telstra quickly returning fire. Vodafone are launching the country’s first UNLIMITED mobile data plans to the general public tomorrow, and Telstra will launch their unlimited data plan on Thursday. 

It means customers can download or stream as much content as they like — without the fear of a massive bill shock — so if you want to experience superstar performances at music festivals or binge Stranger Things, you don’t have to worry about getting a huge bill once you’ve enjoyed your favourite entertainment. 

Australians — like many around the world — have an insatiable appetite for data. But luckily for us Aussies, now two of our biggest Telcos have come to the table.

“You get a pod of data depending on your plan, once you’ve used that you get a reduced speed experience but it is unlimited,” Ben McIntosh from Vodafone said of their new deal.

Vodafone’s $60 a month plan includes 30 Gigabites of data at the normal network speed, then unlimited data at a reduced speed of 1.5 megabites per second.

Meanwhile, Telstra’s plan comes in at $69 a month, with 40 gigabytes of uncapped data — then unlimited data at a lower speed. Last month, Optus offered a similar $60 plan – but only to selected customers.

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“It is a game changer, customers keep telling us they can’t get enough data on their mobile phone,” Vicki Brady from Telstra said.

The only catch is the speed.

“We’re very confident that the 1.5 megabit per second speed is still very usable, including streaming in standard definition to your mobile device,” McIntosh said.

A recent Deloitte survey shows the number of Australians streaming tv and video on smart phones has tripled in the past year. And it’s come at a cost 43% of consumers regularly exceed their data limits, spending close to $313 million dollars a year.

Nine news spoke to Personal Trainer Ed McLaughlin, who has been stung by going over his data limit, and seeing his bills gradually increasing.

“To do that over a year, that could be $400 or $500 a year that I could invest into my business or do something with family or friends,” McLaughlin said.

Now, the options — and hours you can spend online — are endless.

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