Easy ways to make money from your old mobile phone

Tech expert Trevor Long shares the secrets to making the most of your unused devices

Mobile technology advances so quickly these days that many of us upgrade and end up with functioning phones that are no longer getting any use.

So, if you’ve got old mobile phones sitting around at home, it’s time to get them out and earn yourself some extra cash.

However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you make the most out of selling your device, like knowing when to trade it in verse selling it online. Plus, it’s important to consider when it’s worth spending a bit of your own money to fix any damage before you put it up for sale.

Today chatted to tech expert Trevor Long for some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your unused phones.

TODAY: If your old phone is still in good nick, can you make cash on it?

Absolutely, the better the condition the more it’s worth, but there is a huge aftermarket for working mobile phones. Sites like Gumtree and eBay are the perfect place to turn your phone into cash – the more of the original packaging and accessories the better the price. You can even check the average price of selling your old phone on ebay.

I talked to ebay about the average pricing for used or phones from the last few years. Here’s what they told me:

Mobile phone average pricing — refurbished + used

Brand and Model Refurb/Used Price
iphone 7 $         550
iphone 6s $         327
iphone 6 $         255
iphone 5s $         164
Samsung Galaxy S7 $         307
Samsung Galaxy S6 $         231
Samsung Galaxy S5 $         160
Pixel $         371
Nexus-6 $         224

TODAY: What are your tips to getting the most in return from your phone?

LONG: Think about it in advance. When you get a new phone, get it in a case, put a screen protector on and keep all the original packaging. For those looking to sell their current phone, get your phone online, take as many photos as you can, and make sure to take photos of any blemishes. Be as descriptive as you can in your listing and before setting a price or limit, do your research as to the going rate for that device online.

TODAY: And if your phone is broken, can it be sold?

LONG: It’s unlikely the repair cost will be less than what you’ll get for it when sold — check those costs before turning to recycling for your old device.

TODAY: What about those with old iPhones? Apple now recycle them for you, how does that work?

LONG: Apple now have a robot in the USA which is able to disassemble 200 iPhones an hour to recover the parts, components and precious metals from the device which can then be re-used or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. This is used for devices taken back to Apple Stores as part of their “Give Back” program, which offers an Apple Store credit for the value of the device.

TODAY: What about for other phones?

LONG: Every telco and phone manufacturer is part of a program called Mobile Muster in Australia. You can take old phones to telco stores for disposal, or get a reply paid postage pack to send it into mobile muster. This allows the devices to then be broken down and recycled in Australia.

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