New telco hits Aussie shores offering $25 phone plans!

With Lyf Mobile hitting the telco market with their low-cost phone plans, we see how it stacks up against the rest of the competition.

If you’re in the market to sign up to a new mobile phone plan, then you’re just in time to sign up with new telco provider Lyf Mobile and score yourself a plan of as little as $25 a month.

However, it’s worth noting that Lyf Mobile isn’t the only provider around offering cheap plans, with competitors like Boost,  Aldi and Amaysim offering some great deals as well — depending on your needs.

TODAY chatted to Tech Expert Trevor Long to find out all the details around this new telco provider and how it compares to others on the market.

TODAY: Trev – what will the introduction of Lyf Mobile mean for consumers?

LONG: This is an interesting one, they have plans from $20 only up to $50 and their approach is to have no contract, but give you the simplicity of direct debit. They reckon the pain points for many people are not wanting contracts, and also hating being on hold to customer service centres that might be overseas. So they have a simple plan, no lock in contracts, and a Melbourne based call centre 24/7, which is a pretty good idea.

TODAY: Let’s compare the mobile market then, what’s out there for first phone buyers?

LONG:  This is probably the busiest space in the market, players like Kogan Mobile and Amaysim well known for their deals, but there are a few other players worth looking at too —  these are a couple of great pics from C Mobile and OVO:

Telco C Mobile
Price $9.90 a month
Data 1GB Data
Calls Unlimited Calls
Texts Unlimited Texts
Network (Vodafone Network)


Telco OVO
Price $4.98 (Sign up before May 31) a month
Data 1 GB Data
Calls $200 Calls
Texts Unlimited Texts
Network (Optus Network)

TODAY: And Lyf Mobile is really targeting millennials – what plans are available to them?

LONG:  It’s fascinating, these deals from LYF don’t stack up to be the absolute best and there is a lot of competition, but if local call center and a completely online process from purchase to accounts are what you want — LYF looks good, as does Boost Mobile, both on the Telstra network:

Telco LYF
Price $25 a month
Data 1.5GB Data
Calls $1000 Calls
Texts Unlimited SMS
Network (Telstra Network)


Telco Boost Mobile
Price $30 a month
Data 5GB Data
Calls Unlimited Calls
Texts Unlimited Texts
Network (Telstra Network)

TODAY: Parents are always look for easy deals with great value – talk us through them…

LONG: Hard to go past the new Unlimited plan from Vodafone, essentially you’re capping your spending at $60 a month, not the old “capped” plans which could still blow out, there’s nothing extra here.  Over at Optus they’re offering a staggering 60GB of data on their $50 plan too:

Telco Vodafone
Price $60 a month
Data Unlimited Data (40GB at Max Speed)
Calls Unlimited Calls
Texts Unlimited Texts
Network As above


Telco Optus
Price $50 a month
Data 60GB Data
Calls Unlimited Calls
Texts Unlimited Texts
Network (Optus Sport included for Free World Cup viewing)

TODAY: And finally, there are plenty of seniors out there that want to stay connected. There are some really affordable deals on the market from them?

LONG: Some people just want a cheap deal – at $20 a month Amaysim on the Optus network is a cracker option with 2.5 GB data, but if you’re only needing a phone so people can call you – and for you to use in an emergency, Aldi’s 365 day deals are excellent!

Telco Amaysim
Price $20 a month
Data 2.5GB Data
Calls Unlimited Calls
Texts Unlimited Texts
Network Optus

And if you don’t make calls, there’s a great option from Aldi

Telco Aldi Mobile
Price $15 a YEAR
Calls Pay as you go for making calls & texts
Texts Pay as you go for making calls & texts
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