The latest smart tech to help run your household

The way we manage our homes has evolved thanks to the arrival of smart technology, and there are a few more products new to the market.

Home assistive technology has come a long way in helping with day-to-day tasks at home — from turning on music and switching lights on and off, to helping keep your home secure with daily updates.

While this is already a popular area in the tech market, there are some great products out there, and some new items about the hit the shelves to help more Aussie households out.

TODAY chatted to Tech Expert Trevor Long to get the lowdown.

TODAY: Tell us about Sony’s new product?

LONG: If you remember the movie Her from a few years back — this is the closest thing we’ve seen to that yet. Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo is a Bluetooth earpiece that is designed to be worn almost all day. You can still hear what’s happening around you, but with the touch of your ear you can summon the Google Assistant and ask about your day, your diary, the weather, your football team — almost anything. This is most certainly not for everyone, but it will be the leap forward many have been waiting for with these virtual assistants.

TODAY: And LG have a new one that controls lights?

LONG: This is an exclusive first look at LG’s new WK7 ThinQ Smart Speaker. Built with Meridian audio technology it has a booming sound for all your music, but also has Google Assistant built in. Which means — with a simple command — you can control your lights or any other smart home technology.

TODAY: Apple has released a motza – what is it?

LONG:  Apple have just released an update to their iOS Operating system and as part of that an update to their HomePod speaker. You can now pair two HomePods together so they work as a stereo pair in the room, meaning not just a booming sound, but a sound almost exactly as the musicians intended it. You can also now use them as a multi-room speaker setup, asking Siri to move the music from room to room, or put the same music on all across the home.

TODAY: Amazon has speakers with screens now. How does it work?

LONG: This is a fun little desk, bedside table or kitchen device. The Echo Spot allows you to see the time at a glance, but also news headlines, trending topics and if you’ve got smart cameras in your home you can also call on them with just your voice.

TODAY: If you want to spend less than $100, what’s on offer?

LONG: Google and Amazon have an affordable device to get you started. It’s $49 for Google’s Home Mini, and $79 for the Amazon Echo Dot — simple devices that will do all the same things, but without the amazing speaker sound from these other devices.

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