The top NBN plans for every Aussie home

If you’re looking at increasing your internet speed or switching your plan, here are the top picks for NBN options on the market right now

For families looking for a lost cost internet options to higher-end users wanting maximum speeds, there are NBN plans available to suit the needs of every kind of household. 

And those who haven’t made the switch to an NBN plan yet, it’s worth shopping around the different options to make sure you pick the right one for you.

TODAY chatted to Consumer Campaigner Christopher Zinn to find out his top picks.

TODAY: Let’s kick it off with those looking for the cheapest option…

ZINN: First off, the cheapest is not always best. If you want more speed or more data it is going to cost. But, if you want a basic entry level offer there are plenty in the market. You tend to pay a little more for Telstra and the better-known brands and you can buy more speed and data month-by-month should you choose. What’s known as NBN 12 is the basic connection* for those without a great deal of streaming and heavy use. Depending on if there’s a data cap or unlimited deal costs can vary between $40-$50 a month. Dodo has a 50GB plan with a 24-month contract and no modem cost*. You can add various phone call packages too.

TODAY: What’s the top option for small families?

ZINN:  It depends on the age of the kids and how heavy gamers they might be, but with NBN 25 you start to get some of the speed which was talked about. One option might be the Teleron NBN Heavy Silver 500GB $54.50/month*. There’s no contract but you have to bring your own modem. As with all the offers it depends where you live as to what service you can access. The websites of the many providers and various comparison sites such as WhistleOut*, Canstar Blue and iSelect amongst others can help.

TODAY: What about for big families that need unlimited data?

ZINN: Again there are many offers with and without contracts — and here we’ll look at the NBN50 also known as standard plus. It’s good for HD streaming and gaming. Kogan has a special promo offer with their silver unlimited data $58.90/month . There’s also a modem to buy at $69.

TODAY: What about households that are looking for bundles?

ZINN: Again, there are many options with various TV offerings such as Foxtel and Netflix and phone call packages too. One of them is iPrimus with Fetch and other entertainment options at $80 per month on its basic unlimited + entertainment package*. With most of these offers you can dial the speed up or include more packages at a price. There are also various promotions to get you in, but they might not last.

TODAY: And for high-end users wanting maximum speed, what do you recommend?

ZINN: This is for those who are real gamers or who are very impatient. Two no frills offers are NBN 100 — TPG*and Amaysim* for $90/month. The speeds can vary with time and during busy evening periods might not be always so fast. Take your time to find out what you need and who best can provide it. There’s lots of choice and you can have no contract offers, but there can be various costs such as activation fees.

Interview and additional text by Lauren Hollands

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