How has the iPhone changed in ten years?

Tech expert Trevor Long explains revolution of the iconic mobile phone a decade after it first hit Australian shores

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since the iPhone hit Australian shores, and even harder to remember life before the game-changing mobile device.

Today marks 10 years since we started to ditch our Nokias and Blackberrys, and mobile phones have never been the same.

TODAY spoke to tech expert Trevor Long who gave us a history lesson in the evolution of the mobile phone, and how its inspiration has led to a new wave of touch screen devices.

TODAY: Perhaps for context we should remember what phones were like before the iPhone…

LONG: For the most part we are talking about ‘dumb phones’ — numbers, three letters per number and a very small screen. There was some access to the internet but it was widely limited. The first smart device to be widespread was really the BlackBerry — that held the crown as the ultimate portable corporate internet device

TODAY: Trev, the first iPhone in Australia was the iPhone 3g with Telstra?

LONG: We missed out on the original iPhone. Or as Steve Jobs teased it — an iPod, a Phone, and an Internet communicator. The following year — in 2008 — Apple released the iPhone 3G through Telstra. This was a game-changer. A phone with apps, and an all touch screen — for Australians it was radically new!

TODAY: While the overall concept is the same the design has changed a lot over the years hasn’t it?

LONG: Think rectangular screen with a circular button below it — iconically iPhone. It’s the same today mostly. They have gotten thinner, narrower, then bigger, and more powerful and with better cameras. It’s really a device we rely on.

TODAY: But the changes haven’t been without controversy, is that right?

LONG: There have been two major issues — they changed the charging cable with the iPhone 5 and people were up in arms. Amazingly, we got over it. But there was also antenna-gate — the grip of your phone could reduce mobile signal strength. A controversy which Steve Jobs himself had to address in a press event.

TODAY: Today it’s all about the iPhone ten?

LONG: This is a glimpse to the future of these devices. It has facial recognition and is almost all screen — a very different device.

TODAY: And there’s no doubt the iPhone influenced a whole generation of other smartphones?

LONG: No question. Almost every smartphone owes something to Apple — the concept or design. Or the App Store!

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