5 apps to make you more productive

Use these easy tech tools to make life simpler to manage!

Have you ever felt that your diary or note pad just isn’t doing enough to keep you productive?

With work, household chores and countless errands, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list. The good news is, there’s plenty of new technology out there that can help get our lives organised!

TODAY spoke with technology expert Trevor Long who gave us the five best apps to keep you on top of your tasks during the school holidays.

TODAY: Trev- how can we keep on top of our to-do list?

LONG: They say there’s an App for that — and there always is. In this case I recommend Wunderlist – it’s a fantastic app that can be used on your phone, tablet and computer where you can simply put items on a “list” and then mark them off when done. Because the list is saved in the cloud, it’s up to date no matter which device you view it on.

TODAY: What about if we’re working on a big project?

LONG: Taking “to do” to a new level is Asana — this is great for teams, now that might be at work, but also can be the family. Set a chore, or a task, and assign it to someone in the family. Tasks can be grouped, and you can set due dates on the tasks and see at a glance everything everyone has on the go. Especially handy if it’s a big project like moving house or renovating.

TODAY: If we just don’t have the time to get a job done, what apps can we use?

LONG: OneFlare is an all you can eat tradie app. You can find painters, gardeners, even pest control on OneFlare. The app is easy to use, you simply list your job, your area and you’ll get quotes really quickly from tradies working in your area.

TODAY: And is there an app for when we’ve got a task that’s a bit out of the ordinary?

LONG: Especially for building tasks, or those DIY projects you simply can’t DIY, try HiPages. You can find a builder or tradie for the bigger jobs. I’ve had a whole door re-framed, and my roofing fixed with tradies I’ve found on HiPages.

You get a bunch of offers, you choose the ones you want quotes from, the ones you want to see, then do the deal with the one you choose!

TODAY: How can we ensure we’re hiring the right person for the job?

LONG: Another option is Airtasker – this, like many, relies on user ratings – so when you’re looking at people to do your work for you – look at their previous work, look at what comments have been made – are they reliable, timely, clean – use previous customers to guide your decisions.

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