The best budget smartphones and plans for your kids

Every parent likes the security of being able to keep in touch with their kids, but how can we do it without breaking the bank?

Nowadays it’s normal for kids to have smartphones. But phones can be costly, and plans can add up even further.

TODAY spoke with tech expert Trevor Long who talked us through the best budget smartphones and plans for kids that are currently on the market.

TODAY: Trevor – let’s start with the top of the range budget smartphone…

LONG: The Huawei Nove 3e.This phone looks stunning, bright screen, looks almost like an iPhone X with the notch up top, great camera, great performance, and amazing value for under $400!

TODAY: What other mobiles are on the market?

LONG: The LG Q6. A great looking phone, modern style tall screen, reputable brand, great performance and under $300!

TODAY: Is there an even cheaper option than these?

LONG: The Alcatel 1C. This is crazy. Beautiful design, metal back, and a tall modern style screen. Nope, not as snappy as your latest Samsung or Apple, and no the camera isn’t anywhere near as good, but a great first phone at $89, it’s a price that won’t make you panic when it falls on the ground

TODAY: And with our kids constantly online and texting, what are some great value for money phone plans?

LONG: Telstra’s $30 prepaid option. For the value conscious, cheap phones are often LOCKED to a telco, so the Alcatel must be used with Telstra, but this is a cracking deal with data and unlimited calls, so decent peace of mind re the bill. There is also the Aldi Mobile $15 prepaid recharge. Aldi actually operate on the Telstra network, so great coverage, but also – cracking deal – $15 recharge gets you unlimited calls and texts which is what you want your kids to have – plus a good chunk of data too! Lastly, the Kogan mobile $179 one-year prepaid offers 3GB every 30 day with unlimited calls and texts. Remove the monthly hassle by paying up front – by paying for a year you save money, and that means for around $15 a month, a $180 up front cost – you get 3GB data, unlimited calls and texts – amazing value…

TODAY: For peace of mind, are there any apps you can recommend for parents to install on kids’ phones?

LONG: Life 360 – this allows you to get notifications when the kids arrive or leave set destinations, and see where they are right from your phone.

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