Best phone plans for your kids and your wallet

The security of knowing your kids can always reach you is priceless. But does that mean it has to cost you the earth?

As more and more Australians turn to mobile phones as a necessity for their kids, how does a busy parent make sense of the options and find the best deal?

The answer could be a prepaid plan. Once full of limits and pay-as-you-go costs, prepaid plans these days offer some of the best value around.

Starting from just $10 per month, prepaid plans now offer unlimited talk and text – a great feature to make sure your kids can always call home.

Prepaid plans also come with strict boundaries. You set the limit on data usage and your son or daughter can’t go over – the simplest way to avoid too much internet and a nasty bill-shock at the end of the month.

These are the best value prepaid plans we know about that are suitable for kids. You can choose a low data plan for a younger child or think about more data for older tweens and teens.

Best prepaid plans with 1GB of data

Want to stay in touch with your child without giving them too much internet to play with? These plans are great for younger children with a little bit of data for surfing the web without going overboard. And of course they come with unlimited talk and text.

Best prepaid plans with at least 2GB of data

If you’re comfortable with your kids spending a little more time online, these prepaid plans offer exceptional value with up to 4GB of data for no more than $20 per month.

Best prepaid plans with at least 5GB of data

Teenagers in your household might be asking for more data for music streaming, online games and keeping in touch with friends on social media and via chat. Fortunately, you can get between 5GB and 10GB of data for only $30 per month with these prepaid deals.

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