The brand-new tech product that could revolutionise your home

Voice assistance, artificial intelligence, and music throughout your home, a brand-new in-demand tech product is being released in Australia today, and it’s bigger and better than ever.

The Google Home Max is being released in Australia today, and as an updated version of one of the world’s most in-demand tech products, it’s likely to reignite the smart speaker wars.

TODAY spoke with tech expert Trevor Long who joined the show from New York to talk more about the new product, and preview a very special announcement from Samsung.

TODAY: Trevor – what’s different about the new Google Home Max?

LONG: When Google Home launched late last year it was a big hit, selling in big numbers in all our major retail stores. It was $199 and introduced Aussies to the idea of a speaker you can talk to, but it lacked great sound quality, and the music didn’t sound amazing. Google Home Max is a bigger and smarter speaker. It’s also expensive at $549, but the sound quality is excellent. You can have them in multiple rooms allowing you to play different music, or the same song in every room. It is on sale this week in Australia.

TODAY: And, it’s not just Google… Apple and Amazon want a slice of that market too?

LONGApple has invested huge dollars in building their HomePod speaker, but Amazon dominates the market here in America, boasting the Amazon Echo. Apple’s focus is almost entirely on Music, while Amazon see these speakers as being a gateway to everything like shopping. We are at the very start of what is a big battle for our business!

TODAY: Why are these speakers in such high demand? What else can they be used for?

LONG: Music is overwhelmingly the number one use of these speakers. Asking your speaker to play your favourite music is simple, easy and changes the way we interact with music. My kids love asking Siri to play music, and we’re playing more music at home than ever before. It doesn’t require another device, and you don’t have to touch your phone or tablet, you just ask. Then there is asking Google questions, like trivia, and with Amazon they have what they call ‘skills,’ where you can ask for your bank balance, phone data usage and similar thing to that. While music is the best and most simple thing — there is a big future ahead.

TODAY: The Google Home Max is released today… but are there any good deals available?

LONG: Yes. There are genuine speaker companies out there making amazing speakers with all this technology built in. I recommend the UE Blast which is available for $279. The JBL Link 10 is cheaper at $229, and an even cheaper option is Google Home Mini for $74.

TODAY: And you’re currently in the Big Apple for a Samsung event… are you expecting any exciting news?

LONG: There is a big event early tomorrow morning Australian time. Samsung will unveil new products, and we expect they’ll announce the next version of their note device, the big screen phone with the built-in pen. There are also strong rumours they will announce a new smartwatch too as they battle with Apple on that front. We will have all the details on those announcements tomorrow.

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