The new Samsung products that are shaking up the tech industry

The future of tech has arrived, and a tech expert Trevor Long gave us a sneak peek at what’s in store.

In the early hours of Friday morning, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 9 and the all new Galaxy Watch at the Barclay’s Centre in New York. The brand is hot on the heels of Apple, and arguably at the top of its game thanks to new innovations in mobile and tablet —  with the new Note 9 in particular offering innovations that will impress tech lovers and phone fanatics alike.

Tech expert Trevor Long was at the event, and spoke with TODAY live from the big apple about what the tech giant now has on offer.

TODAY: Trev you were at the event… What was the most exciting piece of tech on show?

LONG: The Galaxy Note 9 is their latest phone. It features the biggest battery ever on a Samsung smartphone. It has a bigger screen, and a much smarter stylus called the ‘S PEN.’ It can be used as a remote clicker for presentations as well as general jotting on the screen. It’s not revolutionary overall, but it’s a good solid evolution.

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TODAY: What else can this phone of the future do?

LONG: With Samsung’s new Note 9, you can plug the phone directly into your TV or monitor and it transforms into a computer like interface. You can open multiple windows, documents, YouTube, web browsing, all using a normal keyboard and mouse if you have one, but it is powered by just the smartphone. This has been a concept with Samsung for a while with attachments, but plugging directly into the phone is something remarkable.

TODAY: And they’ve released a brand new smart watch…

LONG: The Galaxy Watch for $549 has a great battery life, with up to 80 hours for regular use, and maybe a week for low users. It comes in two sizes, so there is an option that is a bit less bulky. Plus it comes in rose gold colour and with the traditional round watch face look.

TODAY: What about the latest tablet, how does it compare to Apple’s?

LONG: Galaxy Tab S4 and A series are almost on par with what Apple is going for — around $500 mark, as well as $1000 for the premium ones. They are always connected. That’s Samsung’s new mantra — get everything on the telco networks so we’re always connected when we need to be.

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