We’re addicted to mobiles and it’s costing us

But the 9Saver NBN & Mobile Campaign is here to help

The 9Saver NBN and Mobile Campaign already has almost 6,000 sign-ups in two weeks (bringing our member base to nearly 86,000) and aims to eventually use the people power of 100,000 members to source exclusive discounts on Mobile and NBN bills that could save Aussies hundreds of dollars a year — because our addiction to mobile phones is costing us hundreds of millions.

Research shows Aussies are paying close to $313million a year for extra data and now, new data from 9Saver’s survey of more than 4,500 Aussie homes has revealed that many of us are already spending upwards of $80 a month for our mobile phone plans and 45% have exceeded the data limits on our plan!

9Saver Consumer Campaigner Bek Day joined Weekend TODAY to talk about the 9Saver survey results and what the campaign is all about…

WEEKEND TODAY: Bek, what did you find in your new survey results?

DAY: We launched our new 9Saver NBN& Mobile campaign 2 weeks ago to get 100,000 members on board so we can use people power to source exclusive discounts and so far we’ve had more than 4500 people answer our survey, and it’s shown that our mobile addiction is costing us! 40% of those surveyed pay $80 or more a month on their mobiles. That’s a lot of money out of the hip-pocket each month, especially when you can now get huge data pans for half that amount. And some of those 40% are paying upwards of a hundred dollars a month!

WEEKEND TODAY: Where are most of us going wrong?

DAY: We aren’t shopping around and looking at getting a better deal! 48% of people told us that they have NEVER switched mobile providers. At 9Saver, we know from our previous power campaign and health insurance campaign that people who switch can save hundreds a year on these important household bills. That’s where the 9Saver NBN & Mobile campaign came from. We want to help people think about what they are paying and that they could be paying less if they shopped around!

WEEKEND TODAY: What should we be thinking about when it comes to shopping around?

DAY: Look at the details of the offers out there! What are you getting for your money? Is the same thing out there for less? Is it worth paying extra for a big name brand? Mozo analysis showed that you could save up to $736 just by being on the right NBN plan, for example. That’s because there are big pricing differences between VERY similar products.

WEEKEND TODAY: So tell us about the aim of the campaign?

DAY: We want to get 100k homes on board so we can use that people power to source exclusive mobile and NBN offers for our members that we’re hoping to be able to announce in a few weeks time. We’re almost at 86,000 now, and want to get as many people on board as possible. You just have to sign up at 9Saver.com.au – there’s no cost, takes 30 seconds and when the offers come out, there’s no obligation to take them.
So you’ve got nothing to lose! Sign up today and help us use people power to get YOU better deals on mobile and NBN.

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