The top new smartphones on the market

Smartphones are doing more and their screens are getting bigger, and it’s pushing the already competitive market prices to the absolute limit.

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and the Oppo Find X smartphone, the smartphone game is changing as fast as ever, and forcing the market to become more competitive. To make matters even more exciting, rumour has it the next Apple smartphone is set to be announced before the end of the year.

TODAY spoke with tech expert Trevor Long who talked through all the new smartphones, and brought the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 live into the studio.

TODAY: Trev — when buying a phone, most people look out for the camera as one of the most important features, what has Oppo done that’s new?

LONG: The biggest push right now on all these phones is to have the biggest screen possible inside the same sized body of the phone. Apple has the ‘notch’ at the top of the screen, Samsung have a bar at the top. Both cameras are front facing. The new Oppo Find X does not! It’s all screen. Top to bottom, and side to side. The camera pops up from inside the phone!

TODAY: You’ve just returned from New York – tell us about the Samsung Note 9 that was announced there…

LONG: This device might look like last year’s Note 8, but the Note 9 has a huge amount of power on the inside. It also includes more storage and a vastly updated pen. The S pen — as they call it — can now be used to control your camera, or even presentations. Plus, this phone can be a computer too!

TODAY: They’re best known for their televisions, but LG also has a smartphone range…

LONG: The LG Q7 ThinQ has all the things the big names have, just without the name, or for the most part the price tag. It is hugely powerful, with an amazing screen, a great camera, and great sound. It also has built in smarts, with LG’s ThinQ artificial intelligence helping with the camera.

TODAY: Is there anything a little cheaper but still packed with all the features we want?

LONG: The Huawei Nova 3i. Again, this phone has a big screen with a ‘notch’ up the top. It also has beautiful design and colour, plus FOUR cameras – two on the front, and two on the back. It is the ultimate selfie camera, and produces great quality pictures. Huawei has been working on its camera for some time.

TODAY: Apple normally have their big announcement around this time of year — any idea on what’s coming?

LONG: Rumours are always strong, but not always right. Around now we start to see mock up devices which case manufacturers use to visualise the rumours, and try to build cases for so they are ready at launch. Right now, the rumours point to two phones. They are larger than the iPhone X, and have similar features. This worries me because I am concerned they will be too expensive, and Apple needs to keep its price relevant.
We’ll know more about it when they announce an event, likely in the second week of September if their past planning is anything to go by!

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