As seen on A Current Affair: 9Saver helping Aussie homes to save on NBN & Mobile bills

The new 9Saver NBN & Mobile campaign wants to use the people power of 100,000 Aussie homes to save you money

You may remember the 9saver power campaign, or the 9Saver Health Insurance campaign — both of these campaigns helped Aussies save hundreds on household bills that cause big stress.

On Thursday, A Current Affair introduced viewers to the new 9Saver NBN & Mobile Campaign — which aims to help Aussies with two more important household bills. Shockingly, data from a new 9Saver NBN & Mobile survey of close to 6,000 Aussie homes found that 56% of people don’t feel they’re getting value for money with their current internet plan and 65% have never switched internet providers.

Consumer Campaigner Bek Day has been championing the campaign, and explained that 9Saver is aiming to build its member base to 100,000 Aussie homes.

“So far we have had 87,500 people sign up to the 9saver campaigns, we are really aiming to get 100,000 people so that we can go to these telcos and say “Listen, Aussies aren’t happy with what they are paying for their mobile and NBN, what can you offer us?” Day told A Current Affair.

It’s a campaign that has the potential to help huge numbers of Australians save money. Already 6.7 million Australian homes are ready to connect to the NBN, and must find a good and affordable plan, and 3.9 million homes are already connected. So, whether you’ve already got the NBN, or if it’s on it’s way, it’s worth signing up.

It’s certainly true that there have been some teething issue with the National Broadband Network. 9Saver member Geoff Lang was promised faster, cheaper internet on the NBN, but like many Aussies he’s been left disappointed, and says he’s also paying $260 per month in bills.

“Well, first of all I didn’t want the NBN, but they sent me a letter and said that I HAVE to get off my beautiful cable with Optus which I’d been running trouble free, good value, high speed,” Lang told A Current Affair.

“I’m going slower than I was and I’m paying more, and I just don’t get it, and I’m IN IT!,” Lang said.

High costs are something that’s affecting many Australians, with some paying close to $300 a month for their NBN and  mobile bills.

Another member of 9Saver, Lesley Gray told A Current Affair that she’s paying a HUGE $285 per month for two mobile phones and her NBN connection.

“I put off connecting to the NBN till the last moment, because all I had heard were horror stories. It’s unreliable in that sometimes it slows right down, and sometimes it doesn’t. We have an issue with the wifi where it doesn’t even work at the other end of the house. That’s always problematic,” Gray said.

“I would love to pay less! Absolutely I’d love to pay less!”

Which is where the 9Saver NBN & Mobile Campaign can help. The campaign aims to source exclusive NBN and Mobile offers that are not currently available on the market. It’s a campaign that could help people like Susanne Wearne, who are about to change to the NBN but are nervous about making the move.

“I’m paying a $120 a month which includes telephone unlimited internet and the Foxtel,” Wearne told A Current Affair.

The NBN that I’ve been looking at is quite expensive it seems to be more expensive than what I’m paying now,” she said.

And while those concerns about paying more are very real, and often justified. Day explained that switching to the NBN is something that will, eventually, effect everyone.

“After the NBN comes in, we only have 18 months to pick a provider, it’s something that is going to effect all Australians, so we really wanted to tackle this issue, and try and see if we can save people hundreds on their yearly bills,” Day said.

But it’s not just about NBN, the campaign wants to make sure the 94% of Aussie adults who own a mobile phone can also save money on their bills.

There are 26.7 million mobile handsets in Australia — more than the whole Australian population. And did you know that Aussies are forking out an extra $313 million dollars per year on excess data charges?

So there’s every reason to sign up today, and see if you can save.

Consumer campaigner Bek Day is leading the 9Saver NBN and Mobile campaign, which is part of the Nine Entertainment Company, and told A Current Affair that the campaign is aiming to help people understand more about what they are paying for NBN, what they should be paying and to get some better deals for members.

“So number one, people really don’t understand what they are paying for and what they are not paying for, and number two, they really don’t understand the extent of how much data they’re really using,” Day said.

“It only takes about 30 seconds to sign up, there’s no cost, there’s no obligation to take up these deals, but really what it’s going to help you is to understand your own plan better, what you need and whether or not there is a plan out there that could save you hundreds.”

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