New Smartphone brands you should be considering

Apple and Samsung are some of the big names dominating the smartphone market, but there are a few other players that could be worth your time and money!

With so many new phones hitting the market these days, it can be easy to stick with brands that we know and trust. But does that mean you end up with the right phone for you?

While the big players like Apple and Samsung do have great products, there are a number of brands that have phones currently providing some stiff competition.  

TODAY chatted to Tech Expert Trevor Long who’s done the homework on the other products worth checking out on the market.

TODAY: Trev – with so much attention on Apple and Samsung’s flagship phones other brands are easier missed. Doesn’t the new Huawei have not one, but three camera lenses?

LONG: The Huawei P20 is every bit a top end phone, it has the power and performance of phones $600 more expensive, and according to the most respected camera testing lab around, it’s also the best camera of any phone — the triple lens system takes stunning photos in all conditions.

TODAY: The new HTC has been announced — and it has a new function we haven’t seen before?

LONG:  The HTC U12 is very cool — something different too. This one you can squeeze, so you squeeze to bring up an app menu, but that can be customised to launch an app or anything the phone can do. Plus, you can double tap the side for functions, and when you lie in bed and turn to your side reading an article or email — the phone doesn’t rotate the screen on you, it knows you’re holding it to read.

TODAY: Although they’re not as big as they were in the nineties — Nokia is still around?

LONG:  The Nokia 8 Sirroco is beautiful, a great camera, not quite to the P20 standard, but a stunning design, really great feel and a very fresh and clean easy to use operating system.

TODAY: And for Samsung lovers – if you’re looking at replacing your old phone – this is a good option…

LONG: Honestly, if you’re wedded to the Samsung brand, this is all you need – replace your three to five year old phone with the Galaxy A8 and you’ll never look back.

TODAY: Finally – what is a great option on the market that won’t break the bank?

LONG: The Huawei Nova 3e is under $400 outright. You own the phone, can save money on your plan, but there’s no holds barred, it even has the iPhone-like notch at the top of the screen, amazing value.

* In highlighting particular offers we are not making specific recommendations as this article does not cover all available products and may not compare all features relevant to you. Any advice provided is general in nature and does not take account of your needs, objectives or financial situation. Individuals should consider their own circumstances, and if in doubt seek appropriate advice, before proceeding.