The cheap pre-paid phone plans saving Aussies hundreds per year

Australians are using more mobile data than ever before, and this new trend will not only save you serious money, but delivers plenty of data.

The way Australians use mobile phones is changing, and with more mobile devices than people in our country, it seems we have embraced the technology as vigorously as any nation on Earth.

Data compiled for Nine News by Canstar Blue revealed that Australians with plans which include a phone pay an average of $81 per month. While sim-only customers pay $29 a month for pre-paid, and $36 a month for post-paid plans.

Canstar Blue telco specialist Harrison Astbury said sim-only deals are the hottest on the market.

“No longer are the big guys offering the biggest data deals and the cheapest prices,” Astbury said.

In this sim-only space, there are now 30 different, highly competitive players — each of them piggy-backing off Telstra*, Optus* and Vodafone’s* networks.

Canstar Blue assessed that Boost Mobile* has the best sim-only plan. Boost’s $50 per month plan* gives 30 gigabytes of data, unlimited calls and texts and free international calls to 15 different countries.

“At Boost you get Telstra’s network, the full Telstra network, at Boost’s cheap prices,” Astbury said.

The big change in the mobile world is the handset itself. Many opt for more expensive traditional plans to get the latest model. But as technology improves, new features slow, so more people hang onto their phones for longer and opt for the sim only plans.

If the Boost deal isn’t for you — there are other great deals out there – including those from Aldi Mobile*, Kogan*, and amaysim*.

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