Five ways to boost your income in February

The five surefire ways to get your finances back on track and boost your income

If your efforts to get your finances in order at the start of the year have fallen at the wayside, finance expert Canna Campbell shares how you can refocus and earn some extra cash on the side.

TODAY: What options are there out there if you’re stuck in a job that’s maybe not paying you enough each month?

CANNA: My advice is to get a new job. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. But if you’re not being paid appropriately then perhaps it’s time to look for something else at a place that will value your contribution. Alternatively you could always get a second job.

TODAY: Many people find it hard to ask for a pay rise, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get right?

CANNA: This seems like an obvious one but too many of us overlook it. The important thing when you’re asking for a pay rise is to put a rational case together for why you deserve extra funds. If you receive a no from your employer you might ask whether the pay rise might be available by a future date and what you would need to do to receive the higher amount. That way you have a goal to work towards.

TODAY: What are some quick ways to earn cash?

CANNA: Selling stuff online is an excellent way to earn quick and easy money. For example, gumtree, ebay and Facebook marketplace. You could also host a garage sale or start dog walking.

TODAY: How can we use the “share economy” to boost our bank accounts?

CANNA: Turn assets that aren’t earning income for you into income-producing assets. House sharing services like Airbnb and Stayz. Driving/car services such as Uber and Car Next Door. But be aware that tax implications may apply.

TODAY: Sometimes it’s not about earning more but getting more bang for your buck. How do we do that?

CANNA: Check your current deals with loans and products you use. Consult comparison sites like Finder or Choice to get started. Look into expenses like credit cards, private health insurance and gym fees.

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