How to save money as a parent

Saving money is hard enough as it is, but when you have children your finance goals seem much harder to achieve. TODAY discusses the simple things any parent can do to save money. 

Saving money is hard enough, but when you have children your financial goals seem to drift further and further away.

But there are some simple things parents can do to save money.

Financial Expert Canna Campbell shares her top 5 tips for thrifty parents on TODAY.

  1. Look into rebates. For example Medicare gives parents $100 per child per year. This can then be used to fund activities like swimming lessons.
  2. Join kids buy-swap-sell groups on Facebook for cheaper toys and clothing
  3. Community loving – look to share babysitters or look after other kids in turn to help save on childcare costs.

4. Annual passes – going to the zoo is expensive but an annual pass can cost as little as $120 per annum. I can now take my two kids as many times a year as I like.

5. Food – get kids to cook with you – it teaches them about wastage of food and money. Cooking is also a great skill as well as being cheap entertainment.

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