6 small appliances that will revolutionise your kitchen

Need to boil the kettle to make a cup of tea? Just ask!

The days of burning your toast and waiting an extra five minutes for the kettle to boil are over. There are now small appliances available that will revolutionise your cooking and simplify the way you use your kitchen.

TODAY spoke with tech expert Trevor Long who ran us through the hottest new appliances on the market.

TODAY: Let’s kick off with the lazy cook’s best friend… 

LONG: The microwave! Gone are the days when this was just for the lazy cook — these days a microwave can do a lot more. The average microwave, from a good brand, will set you back around $150. And they do a better job than ever because of how the technology has evolved.

TODAY: What about if you want the more advanced version?

LONG: The Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill is a monster — it can do anything.  Sure, it can zap food for you– but because of its convection capabilities, it can heat a meat pie fast but keep it crisp and it can bake a cake. It can even make a roast! A 300g-600g roast in 10 minutes — that’s perfect for those living alone or looking for a quick, but quality, meal!

TODAY: And what’s on offer for food mixers?

LONG: We found a bunch of great products. I got all of these from Appliances Online — experts at what’s hot and what works for you. Plus, they do super fast deliveries. There’s this Sunbeam Hand Mixmaster, it comes in a great toffee apple colour, with twin beater, and 6 speeds plus boost. It’s ideal for those who want to make a cake, or almost anything, but don’t have the bench space for a larger mixer. Then there’s the Philips Food Processor — it’s super powerful.  This thing comes with all the attachments you’d ever need for your cooking — including a kneading accessory if you want to make your own Pizza bases. It’s really easy to use AND well under $200.

TODAY: And do we finally have a burn-free toaster?

LONG:  Look, I wouldn’t want to go that far. But the trend these days is certainly more options and more slices. There are great four slice units, with a heap of options, so you can choose directly that it’s frozen bread. Then use your normal browning control setting so you get the right result, very cool.


TODAY: Then of course, the winter necessity, the kettle. What’s out there? 

LONG: There are couple worth looking at. There is one from Breville that is clear, so you can not only see the water level and know instantly if it needs topping up, but you can see it boiling too — so there’s no need to wait for the whistle. And get this, the iKettle 2.0 is coming soon to Australia, this guy is fully internet connected. Lets say you’ve got your hands full doing the washing, but feel like a cuppa —  get the ball rolling by saying, “Hey Google, boil the kettle.” This little guy will switch on and get boiling. Plus in the app for the kettle, you can set safe water temperatures for baby bottles and see the water level and more. It’s the kettle of the future!

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